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6) Main Website Files+Images

**** IMPORTANT ****
Please create a new folder called "website" in the root of your "C" drive and unzip (extract) the files there. The path would look like c:\website

Note: The download file will be in a "ZIP" format. To extract zip files you will need the program Winzip or WinRAR which you can download from here for free.

Would you like to Setup and Hosting
your Adsense Treasure Website with us?

We understand that you purchase the Abid's Adsense Treasure package to earn a substantial income using the google adsense, not to become a web hosting guru.


Why We?

We, first and foremost will make the process SO EASY! We edit all the code, set up the google adsense id, upload the files, and set up your hosting account - all in just a few hours. Our prices are VERY competitive with any of the top hosting companies. In fact, we are cheaper than most, but they won't edit HTML or upload your files for you! We will!

Our servers are built on the same technology as all the major services and our "uptimes" are right there with the best in the business (99.9% uptime)

Hosting and Setup your site is only $35 for Lifetime.

How it works:

After paying for your setup and hosting account, you will be redirected back to our website to fill out a form. There, you will be able to provide all the information we need to launch you very own Adsense Treasure site so you can start making money! It's a very easy 2-step process and we will have your site up in about 24 hours or less!

No fussing with HTML code, no testing, no uploading files, no ftp accounts, NOTHING! Simply pay for hosting, and fill out a form - THAT'S IT!


Don't waste any time. Let's get your site up and running.

One last checklist before you purchase your hosting. These items MUST be done prior to us being able to set up your hosting account.

You must purchase your desired domain name. If you do NOT have a domain name, you can get one here or

Make sure your "nameservers" on the site where you purchased your domain name are: and for the domain you just purchased. If these aren't correct, your site will not be active - even if we put the files on our server properly. With different registrars, "nameservers" may be refered to as "DNS" or "domain name servers".

Click here to watch video tutorial

Note : If you can't do that simply send us your domain login username and password we will update it.

You must have Google Adsense id, if you dont have please read below.

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT have a Google Adsense ID, we need to setup your website a little differently so that we can get you one. Google will NOT approve you for an Adsense ID without reviewing a current website to make sure it conforms with their policies.

Now, if you already have some sort of website, than you can submit that URL for Google approval. If you don't have any other website we will need to setup your site temporarily like so that we can get you approved.

In order for us to setup your site temporarily, you still need a domain name and hosting account. So, please make sure to provide us with those details!

That's it! If you have all the information you need, lets get you up on the web!

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By clicking either of the payment buttons, you are agreeing that we cannot offer any refunds once your site is launched. There will be no partial refunds - only subscription/hosting cancellations. All future cancellations must be performed by you as the site owner, by contacting the payment processor you selected to set up your hosting account. Thank you for your cooperation.

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